Services We Offer

         Product Sales:                
         Weighing Machine Services Ltd. is an importer of scales into the Irish Market.

          We currently import from:  

  • Great Britain

  • Spain

  • Portugal

  • Italy

  • Republic of China

  • Republic of China (Taiwan)

  • South Korea
  • Vietnam


    All scales sold will be CE Certified, RoHS Complaint & comply with WEEE regulations. Our company is Tax complaint and based in Dublin, We offer a return to base 12 month manufactures warranty against manufacturing defects. If you are not sure what type of scales you need just contact us and we will be happy to advise you.


    Service & Repair:

    Weighing Machine Services Ltd. begun as a scales repair & maintenance company

    and to this day, we continually sell what we can service / repair. We stock a range of

    parts for all scales sold. You can bring your scales into our factory or we can call to

    see you. If you have software from us to control our range of product we can even

    log onto your PC to resolve any issues you might have.



    Weighing Machine Services Ltd. hire a range of products such as Weighing Scales, test

    weights, food slicers & vintage scales for use in the movie industry. We can also supply

    trained staff to oversee sporting “Weigh Ins” if required.



                   Weighing Machine Services Ltd. staff are trained by the NASI to carry out certified

    Calibrations of weighing equipment. This can be done on-site or at our factory.