AWI Retail Verifications
Class III and Class IIII



Weighing Machine Services Ltd are AUTHORISED VERIFIERS for NON AUTOMATIC WEIGHING INSTRUMENTS (NAWI Retail - Class III and Class IIII) which was granted to by NSAI Legal Metrology in 2019. We are authorised to verify that your weighing scales still complies to EU Directive 2014/31 on "Non/Automatic weighing instruments". If your Weighing scales passes the verification we will re-seal & scure it. This verification will NOT FIX ANY ISSUES FOUND DURNING THE TEST.


Service Options & Costs


1) In-House

You bring the scales to our office between 10am & 12am on a normal working day and we carry out the test and have your scales ready for collection before 4.30pm the same day. This is the quickest & cheapest option @ €65 + VAT per veriferation.   


2) On-Site  
We come to you and test the scales on-site. This option is more expensive as we charge the Test Fee (€65) plus Travel Time (€25 per 15 minutes) plus Travel Expensies (€0.44 per KM) It also normally takes a little longer to organise a call out but will be done within 10 days of booking a verification.   




Both service options must be paid in full before we can book a verification in. If the weighing scales fails its verification all cost above still apply. You can pay online, by phone or by bank transfer. 


Booking Availability


We will insure that all verification are done within 10 days of payment. However if you choose an "In-House Service" option we endeavour to carry out the test the following working day. Onsite availability can differ but is normly completed within 5 days from date of payment.  


Pre-Test Checks


Before booking a verification you should ensure your weighing scales is in good working order. If you know the scales is broken or not weighing correctly you should contact us before hand so we can carry out a repair to your weighing scales (extra cost). In order to have the scales passed, it must have been sealed in line with EU Directive 2014/31 on "Non/Automatic weighing instruments". If the scales was never sealed then the machine will fail the re-verification. The following list is come common failer points that you should check before booking verisication with us.

  • Check both displays to insure they are in working order.
  • Check the scales returns to zero after each weighing.
  • The keypad is in working order (Tare, On/Off & rezero Keys will be required).
  • It is also required that the scales Name / Characteristics Plate is visable & that
    information contained on it is legible.
  • You can also send pictures of your scales to us and we can confirm if the scales
    has the correct information on the Characteristics Plate.     


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