Amput 3.1k & 10K

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Product Description

The Amput 3.1k & 10k is ideally suited for weighing applications that require heavy items (10kg or 3.1kg) to be weighted with accuracy found in laboratories (10kg x 0.1g or 3.1kg in steps of 0.01g). It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery which can be recharged by the included adaptor. See our specification tab for more details  

Product Specification

Make & Mode: Amput 3.1K & Amput 10k 
Maximum Capacity: 10kg  or  3kg
Divisions (Steps):

0.1g (10k Version)
0.01g (3.1k version)

Weight Units:  Kg, g & LB's
Pan Size:  360 x 260mm
Display:  LCD with backlight (Blue)
Powered By:  Adaptor
Rechargeable Battery:  YES
Approval:  OIML, CE & RoHS


Qty Price Additional Info Options Purchase
€280.00 excl. VAT Version: Amput 10K (10kg Version)
€280.00 excl. VAT Version: Amput 3.1k (3.1kg Version)