DKS-P (Digital Keg Scales)

Image for DKS-P (Digital Keg Scales)  Image for DKS-P (Digital Keg Scales)

Product Description

The DKS-P is made here in Ireland. It was designed to be ultra-portable and weigh in drinking pints. The housing is made from steel with space inside for the indicator to slide into for transport or storage. There are 3 feet on the underside meaning the scales can be used on uneven ground. The feet will also fit inside of the top of a keg, Thus it is ideal if you stack you kegs because you can use an empty to give the scales extra height allow you to slide the keg to be weighted onto the scales. See the specification tab for more details.

Product Specification

Make & Mode: DKS-P
Maximum Capacity: 100 Pints  
Divisions (Steps): 1 Pint 
Weight Units: Pints
Display: LCD with Backlight  
Powered By: 220v Mains Leads 
Rechargeable Battery: YES
Approval: CE & RoHS
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€900.00 excl. VAT