Jadever JWI-688 Floor Scales

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Product Description

The Jadever JWI-688 weighing scales is ideally used in check-in area such as butchers, Bakeries, fish mongers Ect. It comes as standard with an internal rechargeable battery which is charged with mains adaptor. The housing is made from stainless steel. 

There is a choice of 3 different versions:
1)    30kg in steps of 2g (Pan Size: 280 x 280mm)
2)    75kg in steps of 5g (Pan Size: 500 x 400mm)
3)    150kg in steps of 10g (Pan Size: 500 x 400mm)


Product Specification

Make & Model: Jadever JWI-688
Maximum Capacity Choice: 30kg 
Divisions (Steps): 2g (30Kg Model)
5g (75kg Model)
10g (150kg Model)
Weight Units: Kg, g & LB's
Pan Size: 280 x 280mm (30kg Model)
500 x 400mm (75kg & 150Kg Model)
Display: LED (GREEN)
Powered By: Mains Adaptor
Rechargeable Battery: YES
Approval: CE & RoHS


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€320.00 excl. VAT Version: Jadever JWI-688 (30kg Model)