Jadever JWL

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Product Description

The Jadever JWL scale is ideally suited for on productions line, Commercial Kitchens or bakeries. It comes as standard with an internal rechargeable battery which is charged with a 220v mains lead. There is a choice of 30kg max weight in steps of 1g or max weight 15kg in steps of 0.5g. The scale can weigh in Kg, Grams, “Lb’s & Decimal Lb’s” and “Lb’s & Oz”. See the specification tab for more details.


Product Specification

Make & Mode: Jadever JWL
Maximum Capacity: 15kg
Divisions (Steps): 0.5g (15kg Model)
1g (30kg Model)
Weight Units: Kg, g & LB's
Pan Size: 334 x 245mm
Display: LCD with backlight (Green)
Powered By: 220v Mains Lead
Rechargeable Battery: YES (100hrs per charge)
Approval: CE & RoHS


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€230.00 excl. VAT