Cely PS-65cw

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Product Description

The Cely PS-65cw comes as standard with an internal rechargeable battery which is charged with a mains adaptor. The 30kg maximum weight with a divion of just 1g makes this scales ideal for any uses. The housing of the scales is made from plastic and the weighing pan is stainless steel. The LCE backlight display is very easy to read and can be changed depending on the weight placed on the scales, meaning if you needed to weigh a 5kg box you could set the display to be orange between 0kg & 4.954kg, Green beween 4.954kg & 5.050kg and RED beween 5.051kg & 30kg.  This scales is ideally suit for use in Butchers, Bakeries, Fish Markets, & industrial kitchens. See the specification tab for more details. 


Product Specification

Make & Mode: Cely PS-65cw
Maximum Capacity Choice: 30kg 
Divisions (Steps): 1g
Weight Units: Kg, g & LB's
Pan Size: 263 x 204mm
Display: LCD with backlight (3 Colours)
Powered By: Mains Adaptor
Rechargeable Battery: YES (90 Hours per Hour) 
Approval: CE & RoHS
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€180.00 excl. VAT