U-Shaped Pallet Scales

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Product Description

This U-Shaped Platform Scales allows you to weigh large pallets while using a hand pallet truck or forklift. Using a hand truck simply lift the pallet higher than the U-Shaped platform, then wheel the pallet truck in between the U platform and lower the pallet on to the scales, Please note that this scales can only be used with a hand pallet truck & and open bottom euro pallet. Using a forklift you can weigh pallets with closed bottoms. The maximum weight is 1500kg in steps of 0.5kg. The scales is powered by an internal rechargeable battery or 220v mains lead. See the specification tab for more details.

Product Specification

Make & Model: U-Shaped Pallet Scales
Indicator Included: A-12 Digital
Maximum Capacity Choice: 2,000Kg 
Divisions (Steps): 1kg   
Platform Size: 1250 x 850mm 
Weight Units: Kg, g & LB's
Display: LCD with backlight (GREEN)
Powered By: 220v Mains Power Lead
Rechargeable Battery: YES (100 hours per charge) 
Approval: CE & RoHS



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€700.00 excl. VAT