H351 Wheel Chair Scales

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Product Description

This drive though wheelchair weighing scales is class III approved for medical use, because of this approval the scales will only weigh in Kg’s. The scales is powered by rechargeable battery and includes as stand a class III approved power adaptor. The scales will weigh people in the wheelchair up to 300kg in weight. The platform size is 800 x 800mm which also as two inbuilt ramps. There is wheels on the side of the platform which allows for the platform to be wheeled around on its side for easy movement between wards. See the specification tab for more details.

Product Specification

Make & Mode: M351 
Maximum Capacity: 300kg  
Divisions (Steps): 100g
Weight Units: Kg
Pan Size:

800 x 780mm (H351-00-8)
1000 x 940mm (H351-00-7)

Display: LCD
Powered By: Mains Adaptor 
Rechargeable Battery: Yes
Approval: Class III, CE & RoHS

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