Whitebird i10 Stainelss Steel Floor Scales

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Product Description

The Jadever Whitebird i10 weighing scales is ideally used in check-in wet areas.  It comes as standard with an internal rechargeable battery which is charged with a mains adaptor lead. The scales is made from stainless steel which can be power hosed if required. The loadcell is is made from aluminium and protected in a waterproof box. The scales will weigh upto 30kg in steps of 2g. The pan Size: 280 x 280mm

Product Specification

Make & Model: Whitebird i10 Scales
Maximum Capacity Choice: 30kg 
Divisions (Steps): 2g
Weight Units: Kg, g & LB's
Pan Size: 280 x 280mm (30kg Model) 
Display: LCD with backlight (Light Blue)
Powered By: 220v Mains Power Lead
Rechargeable Battery: YES
Approval: CE & RoHS
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€500.00 excl. VAT Version: Whitebird i10 Scales (30kg Model)